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History of the Bend Logo


Who created the Bend Logo? 

"The Bend Logo, the name BEND in a circle, was created 100 years ago as the signature trademark of the Bend Emblem Club.  The Emblem was the original logo of William D. Cheney’s Bend Park Company, a development endeavor to help further Bend’s growth.  On the night of January 4, 1913, during a party hosted at the home of Bend’s mayor and Bend Bulletin publisher, George Putnam, the Bend Emblem Club was officially created.  In attendance were Clyde McKay and James Overturf, as well as many of Bend’s other prominent citizens.  The Emblem Club members swore an oath to promote and display the logo until a time when the town of Bend reached a population of 100,000.  Visitors and residents can still view remnants of this oath in the windows of many of the historical buildings around town.  The Bend Emblem Club officially disbanded in 1924. The Bend Commercial Club and later the Chamber of Commerce took over recruiting businesses to Bend. However, the group’s legacy lives on with the popularity of the logo and the sense of belonging one receives through its recognition."

The Bend logo history above was taken directly from the Des Chutes Historical Museum website: Located in downtown Bend, the Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am - 4:30 pm.


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